‘Box of Magic’

Bring a little Magic to your business….

Here at Masters we have been crafting our very own sample box, we loved it so much we called it the Box of Magic.
Why is it magic? Well it gives you a real insight into the magic that we can create for you here at Masters Bookbinding.

The Box of Magic

After many hours of careful planning design and oodles of Creative Magic – we are really excited to share it with you. The Box of Magic has been designed not only to show off all of the different binding techniques available but also to inspire you when you are creating projects of your own for your clients. Its been created to demonstrate to you what is possible with binding and foiling and the huge selection of options available to you. We hope you will love it as much as we loved creating it!

Below we have given you a bit more insight into each piece magic that makes up our ‘Box of Magic’.

The Fairy Ring

The ‘Fairy Ring’ is a Ring Binder with a 2D ring mech, the folder is quarter bound with over a 2mm grey board and lined internally. The cover is silver foil embossed.

Spell Bind

This ‘Spell Bind’ sample shows a Binding screw cover with exposed nickel screws. The screws can also be reversed and hidden on the inside of the binder.

The Magic Cloak

The Magic Cloak is most commonly used for restaurant menus. This example is thermo debossed on the cover, which creates a great design effect. The cover can be enhanced with silver or gold corner protectors, eyelets, with a  treasury tag to hold the pages in place.


Our ‘Enchanted’ book is layflat bound and section sewn with coloured threads, the book is case bound and covered with John Lewis embroidered linen over padded grey board – demonstrating that you can bind with almost any type of material.


Blind Fold

The ‘Blind Fold’ book is constructed as a layflat case bound with and internal gatefold page. The cover is silver foiled with an iridescent foil which creates a fabulous finish. There are countless foils now available, so you don’t just have to stick to the silver and gold of old, so why not try something different?


We just love this binding!! Japanese bound covers are a really creative way to bind your books. The folders are creased for ease of opening and the books are collated into covers, holes for sewing pattern are made and books are hand sewn. Just perfect!

Total Reveal

Our ‘Total Reveal’ example, shows our naked Swiss-bound binding technique, the inside pages are section sewn. Revealing something a little different on the inside.

Almost Incognito

Our ‘Almost Incognito’ demonstrates three hole stitching in a book with a quarter bound cover. Great for those smaller books when you don’t have big budgets, but still want something that looks aesthetically pleasing.

Invisible Realm

‘Invisible Realm’ shows our slip cases which have a recess making it easier to access the books inside.

Magic Otto

‘Magic Otto’ is really quite magical – an Ottobound section sewn book that lays flat on opening, so a great alternative to the traditional perfect binding where the book won’t lie flat.

The Magical Rainbow

The ‘Magical Rainbow’ Books shows how layflat can be combined beautifully into a soft bound book, with a printed material cover. This sample has also been interleaved with rainbow coloured pages, which are only visible on the edge of the page – just lovely!

Pixie Fantasy

Our ‘Pixie Fantasy’ sample is definitely one for the girls! It’s a Sussex Bound Book which is layflat and section sewn with a bright pink strip to spine and exposed grey board to the cover. Foiled debossed with gorgeous pink foil.

Book of Spells

Saving the best till last. This ‘Book of Spells’ is one of our favourites, a soft bound and singer sewn book stitched to the spine. Great touchy-feely cover with a heat deboss!

The Dazzler

‘The Dazzler’ is our very own creation of another bookbinding method, we call it Murray Binding, using triple gluing and single sheets of paper combined to create a layflat bound book. Its super dazzling, that’s what we are good at!

So that’s it – all wrapped up in our ‘Box of Magic’! There are so many different combinations of all these techniques, that we have only managed to give you a good idea of some of them, for more inspiration – get in touch.