Keeping it together

The quality and longevity of all of our products is dependent on the quality of our stitching, ensuring that your books last and last.

Section Sewing

Is the traditional form of book binding where pages are folded as sections, gathered and section sewn. The sections can be sewn in any colour thread, forming a book block. The block is then glued to the spine with hot or cold glue. Typically most hard bound books are section sewn, as this is the strongest and most durable form of binding, which will add longevity to your books.

Singer Sewn

Singer Sewn binding is where the pages are sewn through the spine of the case or sewn down the sides, with single or double stitching. This keeps the pages secure and gives your book that uniquely handmade design feel and flair.

Japanese Stitching

A style of stitching that originates in Japan and is becoming increasingly popular with design agencies. Japanese stitching is used predominantly for binding single sheets of paper and can be used for either soft or hard back binding. The stitching appears along the outside of the spine and as such creates a decorative feel to the book. The binding does require a larger margin to facilitate the hinge, there are also a couple of variations available for the design of the stitching.

3 or 5 hole stitching

Hand sewn through the centre of the spine, using either 3 or 5 holes depending on the size of the book. Lovely for handcrafted books that want that slightly unique look an feel.

Naked Sewing

Where the stitches are exposed in a section sewn book rather than cased. With a range of over 500 thread colours available, you can create your own unique look.