Turning great into awesome

Adding the finishing touches can be the difference between great and awesome.
Why not try using a combination of these techniques to create something truly magical.

Foil Blocking

Foil blocking is the process whereby metallic or pigment foils are applied to a solid surface by the application of a heated die onto the foil permanently transferring it onto the surface. The foils can be applied to a wide range of materials including paper, leather, material and plastics. There are now also some fabulous holographic foils which can really bring your products to life.


Blind embossing (raised) or debossing (recessed) are two of the main techniques that we use to enhance your inspiring designs. These can also be combined with foil to create a foil emboss effect, where both the emboss and the foil are aligned.

Hot Stamping

Hot stamping or thermo blocking is a process whereby the metal die is heated and then applied with pressure to the materials. In some cases thermo materials react to the heat, so as well as creating an impression in the material, it may also cause the imprint to darken in colour, creating a lovely effect. Please speak to us about the types of materials that are most suited to this process.